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And I’m back!

So it’s been like 3 years since I’ve posted anything… But a lot has happened in that time.  New house, new baby, and now new Youtube tutorial series!  One night, the family and I were watching Youtube videos ( the oldest had the remote… ) and my husband goes, ” You could do that”.  Well I did that!  The first video will be uploaded tonight and more videos this week.  Here is the tentative schedule for the videos.  We all know life happens, but I’ll try and keep to this list!

Sunday: Pincushions
Monday: Quilt blocks
Tuesday: Basic sewing help
Wednesday: Purse/bag
Thursday: Requests
Friday: Crafts
Saturday: No new videos

Please go subscribe to my channel, Larkspur Needle  and tell me what you think.  I’ll also be taking requests.  So if you are having trouble with any sewing, quilting, or crafts, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!


Happy sewing!


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Dance Like No One’s Watching Gala

So not many of you know that I volunteer and do fun stuff outside of playing games and crafts  all day.  One of the big things I help out with is called Dance Like No Ones Watching.  It is a prom for those that could never go due to medical related stuff.  It is mostly for the mentally handicapped and their families but anyone can come and dance the night away.  The event is in need of funds as it is a free event for anyone that wants to go.  It relys on donations and handouts to get up and going.  The new thing this year is bracelets that say ” Let’s Dance DLNOW gala “.  The bracelets are $10 each and come in a variety of colors.  If you are able please go to: and buy one or two or as many as you can.  Anything is greatly appreciated.



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omg non crafting post

Wow, I forgot how hard 8 hour days were for working as a stock person.  My back and legs are killing me slowly.  But, hey, at least it’s just during the holidays, though, the manager did say that she would love to have be for random floorsets and boxups.  We’ll see how that goes.  At least there is that 30% discount. heehee.  And money towards my addiction… *cough cough* fabric *cough cough* .  Oh I did get the background fabric for the Bernina block quilt.  I’m hoping that the random design I came up for it will work.  If not, the fabric store is only 10 mins away.

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Haven’t felt like doing much lately. My minecraft server is back up so that takes a lot of stress away. Of course that means I still have a lot of work to do to make it like it was. Hopefully the sewing/crafting bug will bite me again so I can finish up some Christmas presents.

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So this is my first of many posts hopefully.  This blog is to showcase what I make and a little about my life.  I hope that everyone enjoys it and can give me feedback to make it better.

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